David WM Kelch

Ensemble Member, Founder

David W M KelchBackground

David W.M. Kelch hails from the small town of Waterloo, Illinois (NOT Iowa!!!).

As if years of school plays and drama team competitions weren't big enough clues, he took the big leap and made theatre his passion upon attending Valparaiso University. David holds a B.A. in Theatre and Television Arts.

Upon graduating, David moved to Chicago and continued working with John Szostek and several other Valpo alums, together founding the Piccolo Theatre.

Some of his past roles include:

Kelch cartoonMore!

Aside from performing in many Piccolo productions, David has worked as Sound Designer on several Piccolo Pantos, and has also done fight choreography for Piccolo and other area theatres, including LiveWire Chicago Theatre.

As always, he would like to thank his teachers for their knowledge and inspiration, and all of his family and friends for their amazing love and support, especially his wonderful parents Rick and Sheila.


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